Monday, August 23, 2010

Stephen Hendee at Marjorie Barrick Museum

These images can't possibly do justice to this exhibition, so my suggestion would be to go to the opening on August 27 @ 6-8 pm and see for yourself. Stephen's project Monument to the Simulacrum was recently featured in Desert Companion here.

Here's the press release:
Join us for an opening reception and gallery talk with Las Vegas artist Stephen Hendee. The Ice Next Time is an exhibition of fictional post-apocalypse textiles, clothing, and artifacts. The objects are presented with post-dated interpretive panels describing the narrative arc of catastrophe, social disruption, and civilization's eventual return. Hendee said about the project, "This exhibition subverts speculative representations of the apocalypse to highlight the dependence we have on digital media, which has augmented our collective memory and experience." In our world filled with mass media entertainment, virtual communities, and instantaneous communication, this exhibition focuses the viewer to consider what it would be like to experience a world returned to direct interaction,unassisted memory, and cultural autonomy. Exhibition will be on display at the museum through Oct. 23.

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