Thursday, February 24, 2011

CAC 83rd Movie Awards Gala Silent Auction Artwork

                                           Mike Wardle Title: Broken Oscar 
                                           Size: 33 x 33" 
                                           Medium: Acrylic on canvas

                                           Steven Spann
                                           Title: Happy Train
                                           Size: 40 x 72"
                                           Medium: Mixed media

                                          Alexander P. Huerta
                                          Title: Mechanics of Mentality
                                          Size: 12.5 x 28"
                                          Medium: Mixed media on wood

                                                       Ryan Reason
                                                       Title: Moment of Peace
                                                       Size: 11 x 14"
                                                       Medium: Digital Print

                                          Jerry Misko
                                          Title: One Rant
                                          Size: 11 x 14"
                                          Medium: Emulsion aggregation print

                                          Dar Freeland
                                          Title: Plus Minus
                                          Size: 24 x 36"
                                          Medium: Giclée on canvas

                                          Niki J. Sands
                                          Title: The Key to Happiness
                                          Size: 30 x 30"
                                          Medium: Acrylic on Linen

                                               Domsky Glass Studio
                                               Larry and Barbara Domsky
                                               Title: Tide Basket
                                               Size: 12"
                                               Medium: Glass, blown glass and metal sculpture

                                          Laura Zollar
                                          Title: When Vision and Site Unite
                                          Size: 5 x 5"
                                          Medium: Acrylic on canvas

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