Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gacy Show at CAC Gallery

Yes, the CAC is leasing the Gallery space back to Myles management for the exhibiting of the Gacy works. Yes, the CAC will be accepting proceeds as a donation if there are any. The Board decided to go forward with this PRIMARILY because we believe the show will raise important questions and discussions about the nature of art, AND IT HAS. AND IT WILL CONTINUE TO. This is part of our mission, to educate the public and create discussion about art. This has happened as evidenced here in this discussion and in many others.

Here's the "GOOD" that is coming out of CAC leasing the space for the exhibition and accepting part of the proceeds from the sale of Gacys paintings:simply put, it will help us pay our bills....the CAC is a non profit, run primarily by volunteers, every month we are struggling to keep our doors open and bills paid. Our board members and volunteers spend many hours every week working for FREE to help keep CAC open. If anyone out there would like to raise some funds on an ongoing basis for CAC, please step forward, we need your help, not just now but ongoing.

No non profit is in a position to refuse funds, ever, but especially in these economic times. If some non profit is going to receive the proceeds, why shouldn't it be CAC...we're the ones taking the heat for allowing the works to be displayed in our space.

Anne Mulford CAC Board President

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