Thursday, May 20, 2010

East Side Projects

by Wes Fanelli and Nico Holmes-Gull
May 15th-June 4th,
In the front window project space at CAC

"He tried to spit out the truth;
Dry mouthed at first,
He drooled and slobbered in the end;
Truth dribbling down his chin."

-from Ernest Hemingway's Eighty-Eight Poems

The closet is a common utility- the most private and secluded section in a bedroom whose primary function is to store all that will be displayed publicly. In closets, we store our most public behind closed doors. Ultimately juxtaposes Hemingway's text with an image of a glory hole, lovingly framed and displayed on a bedside table. Ten pairs of shoes are neatly organized along the bottom, illustrating the functional nature of the closet while recalling cues for bathroom cruising. Each pair of shoes represents an anti-gay activist that has been caught in the act of homosexual conduct. As queer individuals choose to either express their private lives or instead subscribe to an opposing persona, their lives become just as mysterious as the closet itself. This installation is meant to provoke thought not only within one's personal life, but also within a critically important political context.

Nico Holmes-Gull
is an artist living and working in his native Las Vegas, Nevada. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2010 and hopes to continue to make work that dissects the costume and ornament of an engendered society.
Wes Fanelli
received his Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2006 and remains very active in the Las Vegas arts community. He continues to make work exploring the intentions behind perceived masculine behavior, and recently received an honorable mention in the CAC's 21st Annual Juried Show.

Image: Wes Fanelli and Nico Holmes-Gull, found image

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