Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Summer Reader, Part I

With the summer upon us here in the desert, it seems like a perfect time to catch up on all that reading we've been meaning to do, but just haven't got a chance to dig into. And, with the launch of the iPad (they claim it as "a magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price") and all the excitement surrounding Kindle, we've decided to put together a reading list of all online resources (although most can be downloaded as PDF files so you can still make those old school xerox packets for your friends). So, in no particular order, here's our first round:

Seth Price, Dispersion
Wolfgang Tillmans, Wako Book 4
Ed Greene (illustrations by Jeff Sims), Peony Trivet
Mark Amerika, Sexual Blood
Cabinet Magazine
Dexter Sinister/The Serving Library, Right to Burn, Message on a Bottle

If you haven't searched around UbuWeb yet, here's your chance. It's a treasure trove of conceptual writing, concrete poetry, essays, magazines, mp3, and well, you'll see. We'll select a few great things and profile them soon, but in the meantime just start with the Kota Ezawa videos that were recently uploaded. Kota was a Visiting Artist at UNLV this past semester and his project The Simpson Verdict (2002) has been shown internationally.

Images (from top) No House Limit, from an installation of Las Vegas fiction at the UNLV Lied Library; Seth Price, Spoonfeeding; Kota Ezawa, The Simpson Verdict (2002)

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